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   1、Professional contracting of fire protection facilities engineering

   Service Content:

   Fire automatic alarm fire water supply system, fire hydrant, fire monitor system, automatic sprinkler system, fixed foam fire extinguishing system, gas fire extinguishing system, mechanical pressurized air supply system, mechanical smoke exhaust system, smoke retaining wall, fire emergency,lighting and evacuation Indication system, fire emergency broadcast system

   2、Professional contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering

   Service Content:

   Electronic industry manufacturing equipment installation engineering. Installation of complete electronic products, basic electronic products, electronic materials and other electronic product manufacturing equipment. The clean, anti-static, waste water and waste gas treatment systems required for electronic products in electronic industry environmental engineering. Engineering electronic system, engineering monitoring system engineering, automation control system, security technology prevention system, intelligent system engineering, data center, electronic room and other projects. Building intelligent engineering. Intelligent integrated system and information application system, communication system, parking lot management system. Integrated wiring system, information guidance and release system, intelligent community management system and other projects.

   3、Professional contracting of construction electromechanical installation engineering

   Service Content:

   Electrical engineering strong current system (power, lighting) weak current system (telecommunication, television, alarm, intelligence, etc.) ventilation and heating system. Ventilation and exhaust, smoke prevention and exhaust, drainage system, domestic water, production water, fire water, sewage, waste water, rainwater, etc. Mechanical equipment system, gas system, etc.


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