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Service Introduction:

   Help the owner to improve the four capabilities of fire protection, assist the owner to establish and implement the fire safety system, and improve the preparation level and drill ability of the owner's emergency plan. Through the combination of targeted theoretical training and on-site field drills, it provides a strong guarantee for the improvement of fire safety management capabilities of social units.

Service Content:

   1. Fire safety knowledge training

   2. Firefighting facilities and equipment system training

   3. Teaching of practical skills of fire fighting equipment

   4. Fire emergency evacuation drill

Service Features:

1. Improve the construction of "four capabilities" of fire protection

   ●Enhance the sense of responsibility for fire safety in social units

   ●Improve the ability of social units to check and eliminate fire hazards

   ●Organize the ability to fight the initial fire and organize the evacuation of personnel

   ●Fire propaganda, education and training ability

2. Standardize the fire safety system

   ●Fire safety education and training system, fire inspection system

   ●Consumption control room duty system

   ●Fire hazard rectification system

3. Strong training staff

   The teachers are all professionals who have been engaged in fire training for many years, all of them have intermediate and senior titles and are equipped with a number of first-class registered fire engineers

4. Advanced and complete fire fighting teaching equipment

   The practical teaching site is divided according to the corresponding functions of the professional appraisal and assessment to ensure the seamless connection between teaching and assessment.

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