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   Applicable places:

   1. Nursing homes, nursing homes, elderly activity places; kindergartens, children's playgrounds, etc.

   2. Various venues: hotels, guesthouses, bars, nightclubs, theaters, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, entertainment venues, schools, etc.

   3. Various commercial buildings: buildings, commercial office buildings, wholesale markets, logistics parks, various hotel supermarkets, storage parks, commodity wholesale centers, etc.

   4. Office buildings of various enterprises and factories: such as various factories, office buildings, warehouses, dormitories, clubs, restaurants, canteens, industrial park buildings, community buildings, etc.

   5. High-rise buildings: high-rise commercial and residential buildings, high-rise commercial buildings, large hotels, and high-rise venues.

   6, all kinds of computer network room.

   7. Power system: power plants, power supply stations, substations and substations.

   8. Insurance and insured units: disaster prevention and loss prevention assessment and testing, enterprise safety assessment and testing, building safety facilities assessment and testing, etc.

   Service Content:

   1. Implementation of the fire safety responsibility system

   2. Building (structure) fire protection

   3. Fire fighting facilities and equipment

   4. Fire safety management

   5. Ability to fight initial fires

   6. Fire education and training

   7. Filing of fire protection work reports.


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