Q&H Consultancy won the "2021 advanced member unit of Shanghai Fire Protection Association"

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   On the afternoon of February 28,2022, the eighth member congress and summary commendation meeting of ShanghaiFire Protection Association was successfully held in the International Hall ofthe Municipal Science Hall.


   Secretary-General Huang Tiejun ofthe Municipal Fire Protection Association read out the "2021 AdvancedMember Unit and Advanced Individual Commendation Bulletin", commending atotal of 30 other advanced member units such as Q&H (Shanghai) ConsultancyServices Co., Ltd.


   This title fully affirms that Q&H (Shanghai)Consultancy Services Co., Ltd., under the leadership of the Municipal FireProtection Association in 2021, closely focusing on the Shanghai economicconstruction center and the key and hot spots of fire protection development,and contributed to the economic construction, social harmony and stability andsafe production of Shanghai. Especially in organizing academic exchanges andformulating League standards. With the support of the Municipal Fire ProtectionAssociation, Q&H (Shanghai) Consultancy Services Co., has completed theediting of the group standards of the operating procedures for the detection ofbuilding fire protection facilities, and will continue to be responsible forthe editing of the group standards of the guidelines for fire safety managementand evaluation of rail transit and the guidelines for fire risk prevention andcontrol of cold chain logistics center, so as to continuously promotescientific and technological innovation in the field of fire protection.

   Q&H (Shanghai) ConsultancyServices Co., Ltd. was established in March 2019, focusing on providingservices such as fire-fighting facilities testing, electrical testing, buildinglightning protection testing, fire safety assessment, safety training andconsulting related to the completion acceptance of social unit buildings, premisesand projects.

   Sinceits establishment, the company has been based in the Shanghai market, and itsservice scope covers various formats such as subways, commercial complexes,factories, office buildings, high-end community residences and health care. Thecompany has always adhered to the core value of "creating value forcustomers", emphasizing the combination of testing, evaluation andrectification, assisting our customers to do a good job in the safety ofbuilding facilities and providing a safer production and living environment.

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