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1. Safety inspection of building fire protection facilities

Applicable places:

various buildings

Service Content:

√ Infrared diagnosis of live equipment in electrical system, comprehensive consideration of line facilities.

√ Electrical system grounding resistance detection, check and record electrical facilities according to specification requirements.

√ Detection of residual current action protection device of electrical system.

√ Electrical system insulation resistance detection.

√ The construction of the power distribution system and the installation of terminals.

√ Indoor low-voltage distribution lines, power and lighting electrical boxes, and installation of switch sockets.

√ Laying of lines in the ceiling.

√ Electrical equipment grounding and equipotential bonding, etc.

2. Electrical equipment, electrical circuit safety testing

Applicable places:

various buildings

Service Content:

√ Automatic fire alarm system√ Fire power supply and emergency evacuation lighting system√ Indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system√ Automatic sprinkler system√ Smoke prevention and exhaust system√ Fire door system√ Fire shutter system√  Water spray system√ Gas fire extinguishing system√ Dry powder fire extinguishing system√ Foam fire extinguishing system√ Large space fire extinguishing system√ Fixed fire monitor fire extinguishing system

3. Safety inspection of lightning protection facilities

Applicable places:

Local landmark, large-scale office, commercial, residential, factory, warehouse and other buildings

Service Content:

√ Grounding device, laying method, profiles, specifications, grounding resistance.

√ Lightning arrester, lightning rod, lightning wire, lightning protection belt, lightning protection net (grid).

√ Down conductors, profiles, specifications and laying methods.

√ The vertical laying pipeline is connected with the lightning protection device.

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